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Louvre Museum
Paris – France
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The Louvre Museum in Paris is no doubt one of the most enchanting museums to visit.
This museum boasts of amazing, antique artifacts and priceless relics from exotic places like Egypt, Ancient Greece, Mesopotamia to mention a few.
The arts and sculptures in this museum are guaranteed to bring your imagination alive. With a fully licensed guide, you can guarantee a wonderful time gazing and going through the various masterpieces that will surely keep you gawking for minutes.
This is a 2.5-hour show that will make you feel like you just spent 25minutes because you just won’t get enough of the beautiful colors and patterns surrounding you, coupled with the rich tales of how they came to be and their cultural significances.
With the imitable Mona Lisa painting that is so similar to the real one and other treasures like Venus de Milo, who wouldn’t have a wonderful time?

You can also go for a tour because you get to skip all the beautiful treasures which you could visit later and go straight to the highlights, the special treasures. You could go there without having to wait on any line with a tour guide to tell you about the rich histories of these treasures while you simply listen and get lost in them.
This tour makes you avoid wandering around and going straight to all the VIP sections with no interruption. In less than two hours, your knowledge and scope can be broadened beyond your wildest imaginations, and you get to go back into history. You get to see how queens, kings, and emperors lived in style.
Also, you get to be in a group of very few people so, you don’t have to be crowded in, and you get headsets so you can hear your guide well at all times.

Another option is to get the e-ticket so you can get into the Louvre Museum with no sweat or stress at all.